About Us

We are very proud of Alaska Pediatric Therapy. We have achieved our vision of creating an environment where talented therapists work together to provide the highest quality of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to pediatric clients in Anchorage, Alaska.

Alaska Pediatric Therapy

In 2011, Jessica Huey, PT, and Laura Harris, PT, came together with the vision of providing physical, occupational, and speech therapy to the children of our community and around the state with special needs. Both Jessica and Laura grew up in Alaska, Jessica in Anchorage, and Laura in Kenai. They both returned to Alaska after getting their degrees in physical therapy with the dreams of working with pediatric clients. Following mentorship with experienced pediatric clinicians in Anchorage, both Jessica and Laura opened their own individual practices. After 2 years of independent work, they decided to merge their practices and opened Alaska Pediatric Therapy, LLC in June 2011. Due to the special needs of the pediatric therapy population in the Anchorage area, Jessica and Laura decided that it would be valuable to have a clinic that would offer not only physical therapy, but occupational and speech therapy in a calming environment provided by experienced professionals. They quickly added experienced therapists to their team, and currently enjoy the collaboration of 10 therapists, including 5 physical therapists, 3 occupational therapists, and 2 speech therapists. Alaska Pediatric Therapy offers not only physical, occupational, and speech therapy in the clinic, but in the home, pool, and community as well. We have 3 therapists who are offering hippotherapy, which uses the horse as part of the treatment.

Alaska Pediatric Therapy strives to include the families whenever possible in the sessions, to allow care-over of the treatment to activities of daily life. Our therapists also collaborate with the child’s doctor, school therapist, orthotist, vision specialist, as well as other private therapists in the community. We believe that this communication is vital for the best possible care and outcome for our clients.

Alaska Pediatric Therapy’s goal is to provide the best quality therapy to the children of our community and around the state, to return them to their previous level of function or improve their functional level with the best possible quality of movement as well as quality of life.